Wednesday, April 08, 2015

The Bank of America Fiasco is Still Ongoing! :-(

How outrageous and annoying!! :-(

Apparently the problem was NOT solved as we thought it was and Bank of America has really sold our accounts to a tiny local bank. We'll call them tomorrow morning once more, but it looks like they told us we could keep our accounts and everything was ok, but it seems they flat out lied. Sigh...

In spite of the fact that the branch we use is NOT closing.

I think we're done with BOFA and we're probably going to open an account with our mortgage holder (Wells Fargo) tomorrow.

As if we weren't busy enough...


P.S. and K is really annoyed that it's getting more expensive every year to file our taxes online (100 this year). And how do we file taxes not even knowing if we're still going to have our bank account when the return comes?

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