Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Food (for Thought)

Three weeks ago, on March 18, I shopped at two places, a book "outlet" and a grocery store, and I had to take these photos to share on the blog. My husband is used to me taking photos of everything with the excuse of posting to the blog, but he did think I was crazy when he saw this when he got home from work (click on photos to enlarge beautifully):
We're trying to be mostly vegan at home and the grocery shopping reflects that. Some weeks (like this week), I buy yogurt [which you can actually see in the photo!] and cheese and, to my husband's chagrin, we don't stay "plant strong" (as the folks from the Forks Over Knives facebook group like to say).

I went to the book "outlet" because my son and I are about to start reading The Giver and I knew they had two of the three sequels. Then I bought some poetry, a few classics and some non-fiction/realistic fiction for my young son who doesn't like fiction. As for the audio-book [book on CDs] up top, it was on clearance and I'm absolutely loving it (I'll blog about it separately).

OK, more about both food and books later!!


jo(e) said...

I read the book The Secret Garden about a million times when I was little.

L said...

Jo(e), this is like my fourth copy of the book. I couldn't resist the illustrations. In any case, I both do scholarship and collect children's books, so it's OK, but it drives my husband crazy that I buy so many books!

What Now? said...

I love these photos -- they make me want to curl up and read and eat (preferably with someone else doing the cooking).