Thursday, April 16, 2015

Longer in this House than in Any Other

Five years ago next week, in April 2011 we bought and moved to this house and I just realized that we've lived one year longer here than in the three previous houses we owned.

First one in MA
Feb. 2001-July 2004:
about 900 sq. feet
Second one in PA:
(where I started this blog!)
July 2004-Aug 2007:
about 1300 sq. ft.
Third one, also in PA
(our "Old New House" -- there are 25 posts in that label, including this one. The most fun is the before and after pics post)
Aug 2007-June 2010:
over 2500 sq. ft. (too big!)
Fourth & current house, "New 'Country' House" - very few lame posts on this label, I should change that!
We moved on Easter weekend, 2011 (April 21-24):
1700 sq. ft. (ok)
I guess that this constant moving is the reason why we have a minor itch to move to another one now. ;-)

P.S. To be 100% honest I don't like any of these houses (the outside particularly). I simply hate how houses are built on most of this country. I think they are a bit better looking in FL and out West, but still, it's one of those things that as an immigrant I will never get over and won't ever get 100% used to. I like the houses of Brazil. I've been photographing some of them for years and someday I'll post some of those photos to the blog!

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jo(e) said...

I agree about what houses in this country look like -- especially the newer ones. The only time you see attractive houses are in the older sections -- some of the really old houses have character.