Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bank of America is Selling its Customers!


BOFA had sold us to another bank without even intending to close the actual branch that we use in the nearby town just because of our home address! And they were able "to take us out of the sale" (really? wow!) after we explained that that was the location we banked at and that we didn't want to be transferred to this other small bank.

It continues to be slightly puzzling that they hadn't sold my mother-in-law's account, who happens to have the same mailing address! As I've already said, the only thing we can think of is that she pays to have her account and sometimes she has large transactions due to her business.

So problem's been solved & crisis averted, not with some annoying stress. We're still considering ditching BOFA at some point, but for now we're staying put by inertia again (and the convenience of having a bank in which three family members have accounts -- if my BIL doesn't decide to close his account after this brouhaha).

Sigh... back to work on the translation now! I need to finish by May and I'm super energized to keep working now. It's boring, but there's a good paycheck at the end!


What Now? said...

I'm glad it ultimately got resolved, but what a pain! I hate dealing with bureaucratic stuff like this, especially when it involves money, which already stressed me out. (These are the moments when I feel like an inadequate adult.)

Dana said...

Glad it worked out. I hate using the phone but find it is much more effective than online help when you want anything not 100% common solved with a company. It does seem like a logistical nightmare to change banks these days with direct deposit and automatic bill pay, plus I already had a local account with a different account and used BofA for ATMs when traveling. Another local bank would have defeated the purpose of the account for me.