Thursday, April 09, 2015

BOFA: Apparently we're OK, but still...


It's just because we need to be given tiny jolts of adrenaline once in a while, I suppose, to keep us awake, ;-P but apparently the account was taken out of the sale.

There's only one phone number at the bank that gives us this information, however... (and yesterday K had received a notification of the transfer upon logging into his account, -- I never got that -- but today it's gone).

At least this will buy us some time to get the state tax return (600), pay the federal tax we owe (1,500+) and then decide which course of action to take as far as our day-to-day banking is concerned.

So, taxes are done! One more chore out of the way.We need to make sure to pay more to the government next year, lest we want to pay again.

(we've never done our taxes with a CPA, I wonder: would it cost more or less than 100 and would we get more back possibly? any thoughts?)

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