Friday, April 24, 2015

Shopping all done!

Edited to add: on Saturday evening I found out I was NOT all done and I had to run to the grocery store ('cause Costco was closed!) :-( to buy more flounder... sigh... Now it's Sunday morning and I hope I won't forget anything at home!! That would be a disaster. Sigh...

Finally my shopping is all done for all that cooking that I'm doing this Sunday!

(I know you won't believe it but it's true!!! when I said cooking to my phone it interpreted it as cocaine -- twice, including this paragraph! So I guess even my phone knows that cooking is a drug for me!!! ;-)

This semester I was not as organized as I usually am, so I shopped here and there but nothing very purposeful until earlier this week and today. I hope I haven't forgotten anything! In the past two semesters I forgot one item and had to stop at the supermarket on my way to the dinner location. :-(

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Mine will be full of cooking (The phone got the word wrong again!) and grading.

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