Friday, April 17, 2015

"Smart" Parents

My mom had big news for me on our phone call this evening -- my parents just bought a Sony smart phone in Brazil. Mom said that my dad was so excited about it that he didn't even think twice about spending the money  (something rare/exceptional for him) ;-) Dad has an iPad, but this is their first legit smart phone! Now we can have a family group in WhatsApp like my husband's family! ;-) 

My mom sounded happy about it, and a bit mystified at my dad's actions -- he also just bought this super expensive mattress that has some magnets inside or something. They really do need another mattress,'but he did that purchase almost on a whim. My mom was commenting that it's funny how apparently he doesn't think twice before spending on big ticket items. :-)

P.S. my parents are traveling to the Middle East and to Europe with us this summer, so they really don't have any money to spare right now, but they're paying for these in monthly installments (that's how people pay for things in Brazil).  

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