Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sleep Deprived in Massachusetts

That's how we were on Friday (when we left PA at 3 am to drive to MA), and yesterday (when, again, we went to bed at nearly 3 am on Friday night, having been almost 24h awake)... I've just had a great night of sleep, however, which is good, for this promises to be a long day...

You see, at least once a year we find a way to spend some "quality" time with two of our best friends and their children and we usually spend the better part of one or two nights talking, catching up on the year (or more) since we last saw each other. We see them more often when we go to Brazil and we spend a couple of nights at their home. They've visited us three times here in the U.S. in the past 5 years, but never with the children (well, on the very first visit we were both pregnant with our second sons, actually).

Our children (as is the case with several of our closest friends in Brazil) are the same age - Kelvin is one month and two days younger than B and Linton is one two months minus two days older than L. Back in 2006, I actually posted a photo of Kelvin and B (in one of my favorite posts ever) and I think I mentioned that he decided, back when he was 4 years old, that he's going to marry her someday (I think he's still holding on to that decision, that steadfast boy of mine)... so, our friends and I were very excited when they planned their very first trip to the U.S. with the kids.

They came from Brazil to Boston to meet my friend's twin sister's newborn daughter and in the end weren't able to change their ticket to include a weekend in Philadelphia at our house :-(. So, we obviously had to travel here to spend time with them, and the unfortunate situation with my parents-in-law allowed us to spend the weekend at their empty apartment together.

My sons have woken up and so have my friends, so I have to go, but I'll be back... I think this will be a lovely Sunday!

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