Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Cat, The Car, The... Can this please stop?

So our cat had been vomiting for three days and after worrying about him quite a bit, yesterday evening I just went and took him to the vet. Sigh. A thorough examination (including the removal of a huge tick on his neck -- yikes! -- it had only been there a day, I think, we had noticed it), IV fluids, penicilin (in the IV), antiacid shot, prescription antiacid to take home, and a hundred and twenty three dollars later, I brought him back home and he's been feeling much better since. When poor K saw the bill he said we have to give the cat away (I hope not!).

And the car (the old, but beloved and trusty Honda Odyssey minivan) needs four new tires plus some work in the rear brakes or something and it could be upwards of 500 dollars. We can't give the car away, though... we really need it :-(.

Needless to say, we don't have the money for any of these things but they still need(ed) to be taken care of. So, yeah, it's not just gloomy weather, but also gloomy thoughts of never being "financially healthy" again... And just this week K and I were talking again that if we put the house up for sale next year we will have to redo the remaining two bathrooms (sigh some more). Of course we still have credit card debt from the other renovations and we certainly cannot afford this, but it will have to be done somehow. We won't give the house back to the bank, that's for sure! And if we really need to sell it and move, hopefully we will!

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M said...

I'm sorry things are so rough right now. I'm sending you a hug!