Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flying Away Home

My parents are flying back to Brazil right now. It's a beautiful day to fly and hopefully they'll enjoy it, in spite of the fact that day flights are just long and boring... In 43 days we'll be flying too. The boys are excited, they can't wait.

We had a good couple of days together, I threw my parents a small surprise party on Friday night because it's my mom's birthday on Wednesday and I thought she needed some cheering up. It worked out beautifully -- she didn't suspect a thing! The weather was also very warm, which was nice for them. Now we have to work hard this next month of school so the boys and I can be ready for our trip coming up.

Hopefully in a month we'll be together with my father and mother-in-law for Thanksgiving -- it seems that the "soap opera" that is his employment situation is finally coming down to an end and they'll ship their belongings back to Brazil. :-( We'll be sad to see them go, but at least the uncertainty will end and they'll begin anew there.

OK, we're late for a birthday party, so more later.

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