Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pianist

So far so good... or, should I say excellent?

I'm thrilled to report that Kelvin is thoroughly enjoying learning the piano, probably much more than I did 31 years ago. He's also advancing quite fast and I really enjoy helping him practice. He plays with a CD and there's also a duet part for another pianist to accompany him, so yesterday I did and it felt so great playing piano with my son!

I told him right then that one of my dreams was playing some pieces for four hands with one of my sons someday and I went to get the CD with Brahms's Sixteen Waltzes for four hands (which I played with my teacher in my last recital) and played my favorites to him. I can tell he will be as excited as I am to play them with me someday! And then, perhaps he can play duets with his brother too...

Note on the photo: He's playing a "pseudo-Chinese" song on the black keys which requires him to use the damper pedals. He loves that, obviously!