Friday, October 02, 2009

"A Girl Like Me" - Kiri Davis' Heartbreaking Documentary -- tying a loose end from way back :-)

Almost two years ago (Nov. 07) I posted about and also voted frantically in the Cosmo Girl film contest for Kiri Davis' short documentary A Girl Like Me (good quality viewing at the Media that Matters Film Festival website, lower quality YouTube). What I didn't know until today (talk about loose ends!) was that she actually won the contest (Cosmo Girl link, hopefully won't change -- there's no permalink available)!

I'm posting this today partly to jump in the bandwagon of the recent blog posts referring to the documentary that were motivated by Bitch PhD's recent post linking to a TV report that mentions Davis' film and interviews her (reacting posts include Anastasia's and Laura's at 11D).

One thing I wondered when I saw the posts, however (apart from thinking that I'd known about the film for a long time because of some people in my blogroll, most markedly Dawn), was why it took so long for the academic feminist blogosphere to come across Davis' short film. Race issues should concern us much more than they usually do, shouldn't they? Which reminds me that I should be reading and more and getting more involved with The Anti-Racist Parent blog/site. Well, that's it for now, or I'll never post this!


Anonymous said...

I was sort of shocked to see this pop up again too as if it were something new, and I wonder if this is sort of what used to be "where are the women bloggers?" issue. I don't read a huge number of mama-prof bloggers, but the ones I do don't seem very engaged with the anti-racist blogosphere or with race issues in general, certainly not as much as they do feminist issues.

Anjali said...

That film was awesome. You are right, though, it was a delayed reaction.