Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wonderful Blogger Meet Up!

My apologies for not posting the promised recipe just yet. I cannot do it because I received an annotated chapter from my "co-advisor" and I'd feel really guilty if I wrote a time-consuming blog post (because of the photos) instead of working on my dissertation (although I have to confess that I just spent over 40 minutes reading blogs...). So, I had to settle for a shorter post instead.

Today I had the delightful opportunity to meet yet another blogger in person (I'm to tired right now to count how many I've met, it's probably close to ten) as well as her beautiful children. Thanks for coming over, Elrena! She even blogged about it already! It's always wonderful to meet another mother who understands exactly what I'm going through, particularly the struggle between the academic/intellectual life and how busy we are being mothers. I hope to have time to come back to this subject. Meanwhile, you can check what M, at Separation of Spheres has been writing about this.

More guests coming tomorrow (BIL and family). I don't know if I'll have time for blogging much, but I'll try. I hope you had a nice Valentine's Day... I didn't grow up in this country, so it's not a big deal for me, but I did bring a cake to my son's school and he enjoyed making some themed crafts and getting valentines and candy from his teacher.

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Keiko said...

Força Lilian!!! Tá acabando! (quisera eu estar perto de acabar qualquer coisa...aaaaaa!!)

Boa semana!!