Sunday, February 03, 2008

Are They Gonna Loose It?

I cannot even watch... oh boy...

there were 50 seconds left when time out was called and I went to the kitchen, when I came back there were 51 secs left? What's that?

OH!! No WAY!!

I so wish I was watching Jane Austen instead...

(not that I'm watching the game. It's too nerve-racking for me)

OH, well, they did loose... and now I have to watch a crappy VHS tape... :(

(one last edit, 10:30 pm) -- And I missed 7 minutes of the Jane Austen biopic because I made a stupid mistake and put the VCR timer for only one hour instead of two! Thankfully I turned on the TV at 10:07 to see if it was still on and caught the last 20 minutes. I hope they have a rerun later tonight so I can tape it again and be able to watch the minutes I lost. I already enjoyed what I saw.


diber said...

Austen is on our DVR. Come over! I didn't watch it yet. I watched last week's Mansfield Park instead.

Cloudscome said...

I am enjoying the Jane Austin movies. It's the only TV I watch these days so I really look forward to my Sunday nights. I can't remember reading the novels - I am such a bad English Major! So I can't compare them to anything. They are too romantic for my taste usually. I get tired of all the love sick business and the regrets.... but it's like eating candy in bed.

Last night I was disappointed that they didn't really show Jane as happy. She said she was at the end of her life (in the scene with her sister) but her face was seldom happy or peaceful. In the end I got the impression she didn't feel her gift for writing or her life with her family was enough for her. That made me sad and a little angry that romance was portrayed to be so overwhelmingly important.