Sunday, February 03, 2008

PSA: Jane Austen Review will be late today (Super Bowl)

Yeah, I know, I don't watch football, I know next to nothing about it. I dig soccer (the REAL football as the English, who created it and named it, can attest) and I understand the game really well since I was a kid (and girls do NOT commonly play soccer in Brazil like here, nor do women generally understand much about the game, but of course that's a stereotype which I was very glad to defy from an early age)...

... BUT, today I've been watching the Super Bowl since we're Patriots fans and I had to update my husband over the phone as he was driving from NY to here [he was stuck in the immigration line for two hours]. He just arrived home and Jane Austen Regrets is being taped in our old fashioned, but still working, VCR. I'll be back later, OK?

Edited to add: I probably won't watch the tape tonight... and (if you read the latest post you already know this) I made a mistake and missed seven minutes of the biopic and unfortunately, they're not rebroadcasting it (only on the digital and the Arts cable channels of WHYY which we obviously don't have)! Stupid Super Bowl! And now we may watch a DVD from Netflix so we can return it and get other DVDs.

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