Thursday, February 07, 2008

Impasse - On Opening Up

I found a sentence of mine in a comment to a post by Dawn* that sums up perfectly why I'm so hesitant to write my "Issues" posts. While on the one hand I feel that it would be very therapeutic to address some of my fears, insecurities, and "dark sides," on the other hand
I’ve been putting off writing about my various issues because I’m really scared of opening them up like assorted Pandora boxes.
I'm afraid that, like a Pandora box, something bad will happen after I begin to go through my feelings and thoughts about certain issues... I'm just sensitive like that. I'm not really shy or very reserved, I'm just... afraid of being overexposed, of criticism, of (negative) feedback. I really want to do it, though. This is a tiny blog and you readers have always been so supportive. Getting my first troll (at the other blog) yesterday seemed to bring my insecurities to the surface and made me thinking of writing a post titled "Impasse." Then, finding the sentence above motivated me to come here and do it. I think I'll write those posts in spite of feeling hesitant. I have to remember that I blog for myself, primarily, and I've always been thinking about who I was/am and who I want to become. Self-reflection is just something I enjoy (and enjoy reading about, as many of you, such as AD and Dawn know!).

*Note to Dawn: one cannot get a permalink for an individual comment in your blog now, Dawn, like one can do in blogger, not that blogger is any good, mind you, I just thought I'd make that random remark since you're so interested in techie stuff ;).


Dawn said...

Confessional writing can be good for the soul. Except when it's not. (so did you used to be able to link comments? might be a theme issue...)

Aliki2006 said...

Sorry about that yucky troll. Good grief.

I'm with dawn--confessional writing is so helpful, although for me it's very painful--I feel I'm ripping off a bandaid and exposing myself to the world.

Marco said...

Lilibeth, estou fechando umas coisas aqui da viagem mas fiquei no aguardo dumas respostas suas a e-mails que eu mandei, você viu? Achei que estivesse viajando or something. Está tudo ok?

Lucy Tence Corbin said...

Lilian... Are you thinking "thesis"?

I know, I know... who am I to say anything! But surprisinly I'm thinking thesis tonight... I'll be in Philly next week... are you going to be around?