Sunday, February 03, 2008


I knew I'd feel embarrassed because of any "Issues" posts once I put them out there, so I just want to write another post quickly now so that one can go into the back burner soon. Don't worry, I'll embarrass myself very often here from now on since I do want to write about these quirky traits of mine and also about the "heavier" stuff like the problem I have to get things done -- from keeping the house in decent order to finishing a Ph.D. dissertation -- oh, yeah, that's coming, just you wait.

I do have to go clean the house now, though, and stop procrastinating because K is coming back from Brazil tonight and we have to do the final push of renovation before my parents arrive on the 12th. We have to do the guest room upstairs, and, if possible, begin our bedroom.

Well, good thing my post amused some people, though... And I agree, Carrie, it's not a serious problem at all, but it is quite bothersome. OK, gotta go.

P.S. and I know that for the really serious issues, the cheap therapy of blogging won't help and I should get the real thing, but... we'll see. Maybe I can finish this Ph.D. without spending money that I definitely don't have on a "shrink" (where does that expression come from? I'd never heard it until I saw the movie Before Sunrise and heard the French character mention her shrink and understood from the context what it was. I think it's really weird) even if it's a "dissertation-coach-kind-of-shrink."

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