Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blogging the Oscars

Well, I'm a little late, but better late than never. I like Jon Stewart so far.

Good timing, the only think I had to say about the glimpses of the red carpet that I caught, was that I loved Anne Hathaway's dress and she's talking right now.

I hope R@atatouille wins because it's the only one I've seen! 8:53

(i haven't yet cooked the baked version yet, BTW)

Only three? YEAH!!! I've seen an Oscar winning feature after all! 8:54

Make-up, who's that girl? Nice, La Vie en Rose. I have to get it so my parents can watch it too, they speak French (my dad couldn't see the rat movie b/c there were no other lggs or close caption). I love it when foreign people win Oscars :) Am I biased or what? And I hate it when they start playing the song so the person stops talking! 8:58

Oh, my parents are watching their very first Oscar with us right now. My mom was saying that she doesn't even know what the Oscar is and they're so impressed with the theater, they thing it's so big! I've been watching Oscar ceremonies for many years, close to twenty, right under their noses when I was still in high school and college, but they never paid much attention to what it was. Well, it's good that my mom watched R@tatouille three nights ago! 9:04

YAY! Vindauga's on board live blogging. 9:06

I'll confess, I only watch the Oscars for free previews of the films and good scenes with the actors since I know I'll never watch most of them...

And I had to laugh now because my mom was surprised to realize that the winners were surprised, that they didn't know they were going to win. We're explaining to her the "rules of the game".

Is Cate Blanchett pregnant? (yes? oh, she's probably gonna win, then)

Before I forget -- the Stewart jokes that I liked so far, the Barack Obama one, and... I'll get back to that. 9:13

I really enjoyed when Cuba Gooding Jr won years back. Oh boy, I have yet to watch Dream Girls!

Javier Bardem and Philip Seymour Hoffman? Hard to choose. The other guys are great too!
I guessed that one! Javier. 9:18 Yes, the worst haircut of history, I agree. Dad is enjoying the Spanish right there. Go Spain! (gotta go check on Kate, BTW) 9:20

"Writerless Oscar" salute to binoculars - YEAH, go scene from Top Secret!

I always love to see the song performance as well. This choir from Harlem is awesome! And this young girl, WOW!! 9:27

Owen Wilson often plays idiots, doesn't he? I always want to see short films, many of them are so awesome? How does one get to watch short-films? Are they available online? One more foreigner, another French. Neat! (my parents will enjoy that, at least they get to understand!)
The Bee, hey, did Seifeld host the Oscars, he did, right? My memory doesn't work anymore. 9:32

Yeah, and how does anyone get to see animated shorts? (yes, Lisa, really weird nose Owen Wilson had -- nose job? And I do make the list to see the films, they're all in my queue, but I don't have time!!! home renovations, dissertation... :( ) 9:35

Alan Arkin -- he played a key role in one of the best recent Brazilian films Four Days in September.
I'm for Cate Blanchett, hope she wins!! 9:36 These other women are great! And I always love when they nominate young girls. Tilda Swinton. Don't know her at all! What a strange outfit. 9:39 Hubby asked me to google her. And then I had to google again to look up "iclonocast/m" because I couldn't explain its meaning to my mom.

Does Jessica Alba presents the scientific and technical awards every year? 9:45
As a literary person, i'm always interested in adapted screenplays. My favorite films are often adapted from literary works. Joel & Ethan Coen, these guys are good. 9:49

Pregnant women and... "The baby goes to Angelina Jolie" -- good joke.
Oh, yeah, they have the pronunciation as a subtitle in R@tatouille, oh boy... Well, yeah, better than have everyone mispronouncing it, I guess ;-)
What's the difference between sound editing and sound mixing? Well, I kinda know, having already participated of a music recording with my choir in Brazil and been in an actual studio recording/ mixing studio with my music teacher, but still... Wow, Bourne Ultimatum twice. Action movies do need a lot of sound stuff... 10:07

Best actress - Cate, she's probably not going to get it again for the same role, or will she?
Marillon Cotillard, I hope she wins! 10:11
Oh, I didn't know the actress of Juno was running, I'm so out of it?
YAY!!!! Marillon!! 10:13
She looks wonderful too, beautiful, gorgeous dress! Lisa, I agree that it's VERY early for best actress. Maybe they want to keep the Oscars short today, the pace is really fast, isn't it? 10:15

A few years ago one of our own best, the Brazilian singer songwriter Caetano Veloso performed, singing the song for Frida.
What's up with that "broken" guitar? Beautiful song! 10:23

From the winners of the past 80 years, the films I've seen: Gone with the Wind 1939, Casablanca 41, West Side Story, Lawrence of Arabia, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, The Godfather, Godfather II, Rocky, Chariots of Fire, Gandhi, Amadeus, Out of Africa, Rain Man, Driving Miss Daisy, and ALL from then on oh, except for Unforgiven and the Departed. Not bad, I guess! I do make a point to watch the Oscar winners... 10:31

Wow, that guy is 98 years old, like my grandma. He speaks so clearly and has known so many people. he's "living history."
Yes, Jon Stewart is kind of disappointing. However, he's had very little time to talk since it's been much more fast paced than in previous years, isn't it? 10:40

Best foreign film is usually always bittersweet for me because Brazil never once won although we were nominated a few times in the past 15 years. 10:43 First for Austria? Good for them!!

Three songs from the same D!sney movie??? Isn't that unfair or were all the other films devoid of songs this year? (I guess last year had two or three Dreamgirl numbers too, right? Same thing for Chicago a few years earlier). 10:47

Nice entrance by John Travolta. Oops, that place makes everyone slip!
Oh, the broken guitar is part of the film, oh, stupid me.
I hope August Rush or Once wins -- YAY! Once!
Poor thing, she wanted to say Thank you so much and they cut the mike. I really really really want to see this film. It's done, it's at the top of my queue now!! 10:54

Wow, they let her come back? I've never seen that. My husband is saying that this happened because they're running ahead of time. What do you think? 10:57
(can one say "running ahead"?)
Yeah, in high school I would sometimes go to bed at 3 am in Brazil (2 hours ahead) because the Oscars would just drag on and on...

I always like to watch the "In memoriam" part, although it's sad too. 11:02
Not that many actors this year, though. Ingmar Bergman, I have to watch his films. oh yeah, Heath. 11:04 Bergman's Fanny & Alexander is third in my queue right now. Has been for a while. Yeah, Dario Marianelli, I thought it was going to be him.

If the Iraq segment was taped, those folks knew ahead of time about the winner...

Sicko, I really really loved it. They're not going to give it to him again, are they? 11:16
Yeah, of course not. But the winner also makes a strong political statement. 11:19

So, does everyone think that this week's Time magazine cover subject will win the best actor statue? If he doesn't it'll be an upset, won't it? 11:23
And will Diablo Cody win? I don't know if I want her to.
Harrison Ford is OLD! 11:23
I like R@t, of course! suspense! OH MAN she did! 11:25
didn't they say lead actor was coming now? More commercials? 11:26 commercials every three minutes?? it sucks!
And then commercials for almost 3 minutes. 1:29

Best actor. Helen Mirren Looks stunning! upset or Clooney? 11:31
Daniel Day Lewis already has one. Hmmm Johnny Depp -- I'm rooting for him! 11:32
Toni Colette has come a long way since that quirky Muriel's Wedding, hasn't she?
Viggo looks weird with a beard
DDL again??? 11:34 (I have yet to watch My Left Foot) Very eloquent, my husband said. Rebecca Miller, is that her name or the character's -- what an awful dress (in my humble opinion). Neat acceptance speech. 11:36
nearly over, huh?
I loved last year's Scorsese's win!
I'm clueless as to who should win director... Coen brothers?
I got it???? wow. 11:43
Denzel looks so different!
I'm curious about best film. HA. Coens again. Like the old times, double Oscar for director and film. OK. I'm done, good night! 11:46
I'm kidding, not going to bed yet. :)
Now I have to go google the Coen brothers. 11:47
Yeah, I didn't watch anything by them. What a shame. and I guess it's their first Oscar, right?
Wasn't this the earliest an Oscar ever ended?
Well, now for serious, good night and it was great to have live-blogged this in such great company, Lisa! 11:52


Lisa V said...

I loved La Vie en Rose. I'm happy for any recognition it gets.

Lisa V said...

You need to see Dream Girls!

I always think I will make a list of films to see from this and then hunt them down on Netflix. But I rarely do.

mind the gap said...

Jon Stewart is disappointing so far, though, no? Btw, what did you make of Francis Ford Coppola's Youth Without Youth? It hasn't gotten much play, but it's a more engaging film than many of those being given awards tonight. Here's an interesting discussion of the film.

Lisa V said...

See Once, you really will love it, though the Irish accents were hard for me to understand. We turned on closed captioning.

Sarah Sometimes said...

since I didn't get to watch the Oscars last night, I'm glad to have had the chance to read your live blogging/recap!

p.s. I assume you taped part III of Pride and Prejudice, as I did!