Monday, May 04, 2015

Blogging in 2015 = Talking to Oneself?

I keep saying that I'll be the last one standing, but now that it seems that professional blogging is dying too -- a big example is that Heather Armostrong of Dooce announced that she's moving on -- I wonder what will happen to the rest of the blogosphere. (I've discussed here before that "amateur blogging" is slowly dying).

The truth is that it's tough to talk to oneself, but I keep doing it because years before blogging was created I was "talking to myself" in my journals, so it's a practice that works for me. But once more I feel alone and, saddest of all, lonely. Once upon a time, way back in 2006, blogging truly changed my life, but most of those friends's blogs are gone now. Being in touch with them via facebook or twitter is not the same. :-(

OK, I have one more post about this issue from my drafts folder that I'm working on, but I didn't want to leave that last post there, I wanted to "change the subject," so I'll stop here for now.

I still have TONS of grading to do, wish me luck!


JaneB said...

Facebook and Twitter are really not the same, they're more like the sort of rushed things someone might scribble in a Christmas card or say when you meet them in the street and their child is done with shopping and they have to pick up the oldest from ballet and you have to get to the post office before it closes and you have only moments to gabble something.

Blogging is more like an old fashioed letter, or sitting down with a cup of tea and an hour to do nothing but listen and talk and be in the presence of the other person.

I will still be here too.

L said...

JaneB I LOOOOOOVE this comment!! It's just a fantastic comparison!!

What kind of tea would you like? I love (flavored herbal) tea, but I never drink it because I really, really like to drink tea with another person.

I'll have to write a post commenting your post because I'm really awful commenting comments & it's kind of become my tradition to write "commenting comments'" posts :-)

Amber Ellan said...

Hello Mamaé

Funny Im just recently looking into blogging. However its for me and nobody else. Is this possible to do...and yes it might just be boring for all those people out there that basically don't give a poop about my life. I love to write and find these days I get so worked up about all that I see on FB and it stirs emotions. Often times Im commenting and leaving comments that should be short yet turn into a mayhem of words and feelings put down for the world to see....I not longer want to do this I want a place I can log my feelings and later look back and read and see how much or little I evolved. Not to mention as of lately I read a quote theres nothing more painful to hold inside ....than your untold story on life. Its how I felt for a very long time. So here I go I hope....I love people personal stories I find comfort and sharing somebody else life on the other side of the globe or even the neighbourhood why not we all have things to share that just might give another person insight...a sense of new found light. Cheers Antoinette