Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Just for Fun! (Trying on Colorful Clothes)

I know some people hate shopping (good for them!), but for me it's son much fun! It's almost therapeutic.

However, I have way way way too many clothes. I buy too many clothes and women in my family also give me some clothes, so it's not good!

Today I entered Ross (one of my "favoritest" stores!) to look for sneakers for my sons and I decided I could NOT buy anything for me, particularly not dresses (I love dresses & own too many).

I'm happy to say that I didn't, but I had some fun trying four colorful dresses (most maxi) and one "dressy short coverall." Here's the result!
Crazy long!
Really weird tropical print!
I love the colors, but the pattern is too busy and the synthetic material and cut are blah.
I felt very tempted to buy this -- I love the colors and tie-die effect, but... Nah, not worth 19 bucks. 
Two of my favorite colors (Aqua and coral) in a lovely flowered pattern, but impossible to wear! I mistakenly through this was a blouse and almost tore the bottom part. Good thing it was a size M!

Well, I will try not to go into any more stores until I get paid in September! Because next time I may not resist the temptation!

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