Sunday, May 17, 2015

Two Goals!!

While his brother's team didn't do too well on the West Coast, my youngest son played very very hard in his incomplete soccer team and scored TWO goals!

For a long time in the game they were losing 4 X 2, then tied 5 X 5 for a while, that means his last two goals granted their 7 X 5 victory! He was so proud of himself and I screamed and jumped up and down as a really proud mama!

He's one of the smallest kids (and certainly the skinniest one), so I kept screaming that he was a tiny titan, no I think it was tiny wonder, or some such silly thing. ;-)

I'll try to edit to include a photo of him from earlier in the season (haven't transfered those to computer yet!).

Good thing we had at least one great victory to celebrate today!

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