Sunday, May 31, 2015


My "baby" turned eleven yesterday!

He is a joy and makes our lives and our family complete.

We had some of his friends for lunch (pasta: Spaghetti and Farfalle with red & alfredo sauces) and since he mostly wanted ice-cream I baked him a simple Brazilian carrot cake: a yellow cake made with carrots put in the blender with eggs and oil with an also really simple chocolate frosting: sweetened cocoa (such as Nesquick) with some butter or margarine & a few spoons of milk put in the microwave, stirred, and spread over the cake while it is still warm (the frosting sets later when the cake cools and gets less shiny).
I can't believe L is already eleven!


jo(e) said...

Carrots? You add carrots to the cake batter?

What Now? said...

This recipe sounds so good! I just looked up Brazilian carrot cake on the internet and found some recipes, and I'm definitely going to try making this.