Sunday, May 17, 2015

Competing in California

My "baby's" team is competing in California right now and I wish I were there to cheer them on! Their first run wasn't that great and they are currently in 2nd place with 2 more runs to go. So much tension!!

I wish they could win, to make the trip even more meaningful since they've worked SO hard! We'll see what happens! Meanwhile I'm glued to my phone and to the group text messages I'm getting from their teacher. My son hasn't responded to any texts from me. :-(

I'll keep you posted!

Their next run is in 15 minutes, at 2:25 PT (post edited at 5:10pm ET).

6 pm update: OH, the tension!!! Something went awry with their robot this morning, so they are still in second place with only 205 points after their second run  and they're working feverishly to see if their last run can be improved. Best team's points are 270.  Sigh :-(

Poor kids, I imagine they must be so stressed!! And frustrated! That's why my son won't respond. He's probably seated at the computer trying to program the robot. I imagine.

Last update 6:55 pm- They got second third (7:50 pm) place! (230 points in last run) Not what they wanted, but still OK. As my husband said just now, "the trip was the most important thing" and I guess it was!

They'll be back tomorrow night. One whole week away! 

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Heidi said...

What a great experience! I love it when my piano students get to experience a wider field in some way, and it sounds like that's what the robotics team got to do too. It just challenges them to be better and more creative in the future!