Friday, May 08, 2015

Application Sent

I'm exhausted and a bit stressed, but I submitted my application five days before the deadline which is HUGE for me! ;-)

Today it was stressful to edit the Teaching Statement with my husband -- we do have very different styles and it's very hard for me to give up on my voice to adopt a more succinct and objective style.

Oh well...

And now I wait.

One of the reasons I was so stressed out about submitting the whole application online was that I submitted the information for the references twice, but they never received the automated emails. I am hoping that now that I completed the whole thing they'll get it.

I hope hope hope hope I get this job!! I am 100% ready to leave the other department at U#1 as well!

Today I had lunch with a dear colleague who is returning to Italy after eight years in this department and university and no permanent residency or a good contract. Very sad.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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jo(e) said...

Fingers crossed!