Sunday, March 15, 2015

the switched laptops

We had a good short visit to our family and friends in Canada. 

This morning, shortly before we left, my sister-in-law was wondering if the laptop power cable I was packing into my backpack was hers or mine, so K went upstairs to her bedroom to check if hers was there (it was). So we left. It was snowing a lot and very pretty! 

(I'll add photo later to save data)

When we were four hours into our trip we got a message from my brother-in-law that I'd left my laptop there and that he couldn't find his! Of course not because it was safely stored away in my backpack! :-(

What a problem!!! I immediately panicked because I know it's impossible to mail things to Canada because of taxes and fees. We still don't know if our plan to mail it International Priority through the U.S. Postal service will work. Sigh...

It's not that serious as far as my laptop is concerned, we may be able to wait until April when a friend can hand-deliver it to another friend who lives 1h30 from us, but I haven't heard from them yet re. whether BIL uses the laptop for work or if he urgently needs it. :-( I hope it's not a huge disruption for them! 

What a hassle, right? I hope I'll never ever do this again in my life! :-(

edited to add: no big harm done! we're planning to exchange laptops in April when friends will be driving down to visit family for Easter. 

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