Friday, March 20, 2015

Personal Shopper

You know, if that was a viable and existent career option, I think I would make an incredible personal shopper! ;-)

Years ago a friend in Brazil would periodically send me some money and a list so I would shop for clothing for her children, a boy and a girl, who are a few months younger than each of my boys and I loved doing that!

Today I had to buy a birthday present for one of my son's classmates who is turning 13 and is throwing a party for the whole class tomorrow. I asked her friends what her favorite color was and texted her mom to find out her size and I had a great time thinking of the girl and picking something that she might like!

Too bad one can't make a living doing something fun like that! 

P.S. I'll share a picture of the outfit later! 
Here it is:
Not my favorite color, that's for sure! ;-) I hope she'll like it!

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