Thursday, March 12, 2015

More than Ready to Travel

This is quite unprecedented for our family!

Having the car mostly packed the night before a long car trip. And the house mostly clean.

I suppose it couldn't be different because K & I are on Spring Break and we've had time to prepare.

As always, I'm not sleeping on the night before the trip. K wants us to leave in only three hours (at 4 am), so even why bother even going to bed?

I'm saying this, but I'll be going soon. I needed to write a couple of emails that I really don't feel like writing, that's why I'm still here.

Blogging, like chocolate, makes everything better, though, so I'm writing this post! ;-)

There are other things to share, such as the sad goodbye to a car of 11 years and a reflective "looking back" post I wanted to write on my rebelliousness, but which maybe I'll never get around to writing.

Being ready to travel is a big milestone, though, one that I'm thrilled about! I just wish the trip would be longer! (we drive tomorrow to Montreal and drive back on Sunday). :-(

Nothing is perfect!

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Heidi said...

Have a wonderful trip!