Sunday, March 08, 2015

ADHD forgetfulness sucks Vs. Great Skiing!

Edited to add: I won't delete this whiny post. But I wanted to say that the grumpiness only lasted for about half an hour, thankfully. They did make a mistake in my ski's binding which made me waste over 20 minutes and made my first descent scary (I was afraid the ski could come off) and only possible after my patient husband secured the ski to my boot. So we had a lovely few hours in the slopes after all!*

My family came to ski/snowboard  because of me, but of course, my ski jacket stayed home.

I'm still going to ski, but I have no pockets, not even a zipper to put the tag, and I better not fall, because I will be completely wet! 

How absolutely exasperating!!! Of course part of the problem is that my husband is the person who brought the stuff to the car, but I should have been checking, even if we were super late and in a hurry  to leave the house.

I'm a very unhappy camper right now! :-(

* I forgot to mention in the blog that last Friday was another one of those very unfair days (third one!) in which both my husband and sons had a snow day and I didn't and had to drive 152 miles to teach at University #2. :-( To add insult to injury we had almost 10 inches of snow on Thursday, so the snow was absolutely fantastic Friday & they loved it. :-( That's why we went today, also because it will probably be the last time this year. 

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