Monday, March 23, 2015


Thanks for the suggestion, Dana. I went online and chatted with a bank representative, but it didn't help much. Apparently they notified with a letter a month ago and it seems that it may be too late to keep our account!

What a tremendous hassle and headache! First, having to choose who to bank with (we had our first mortgage with our local Credit Union, Jo(e), but we've never had bank accounts with them, it's a good suggestion), then, after we open a new account, changing all the direct deposit accounts with our employers (we're worried about the timing -- we'll probably still have to receive your next paycheck in BofA), after that, changing payment information on our credit cards (that would be fairly easy, just entering numbers on computer screens).

But I think that I may have to call the gas and electric company and ask them to start sending paper bills again -- e-bills are just so convenient! :-(

Our lives are already overwhelmingly busy as it is, so the timing of this is just awful! :-(

OH, and there's one more detail! My mother-in-law doesn't seem to be affected and the reason why she wasn't affected may be because she pays to have her bank account! She did switch the address on the account to ours, but I think she only gets electronic correspondence from the bank.

If that is really the case, they're literally "throwing out" the accounts that had basically free checking (with a few catches -- direct transfer to savings accounts, for example) and handing them over to the local bank. Sigh...

I'm sorry to bore you to tears with our small baking tale of woe, but I'm actually thankful for the suggestions we received so far. Did that happen to anyone else out there? Let us know! And I hope it won't happen to your family!

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