Thursday, March 05, 2015

My New Toy!

I'm a strange girl/woman/wife. Ok, not strange, but maybe unique 'cause I hear that most women don't like to receive "house stuff" & appliances as gifts, but I, on the other hand, not only enjoy it, but sometimes prefer it!

(You see, my husband has a hard time buying gifts for me -- mostly, because, typical guy that he is, he hates shopping with a passion! So, poor guy, he tries to get me pieces of clothing & accessories, but I have very particular taste & one could say I'm a "picky dresser," I suppose. In any case, I often dislike what he buys me, so I like it when he gets me stuff for the house instead, I really do!)*

All of this to say that I'm thrilled with the new "toy" I got, a Vitamix! (There was a promotion at Costco & I also used the money back certificate they send every year, so it was half off!)

Today I used it for the same time to make Tortilla and it was great! (except that I forgot to crank it up to high & it didn't get as hot as it should have, obviously!). Here are the photos! 
I added avocados to mine! It was yummy!

Do you have a Vitamix or some other power blender? We had the Ninja, but it was bad, not good at all. I'm thrilled with our new toy! 

Fresh almond milk, YAY!

* it's a completely different story to receive gifts of clothing from women. I generally like them and wear everything, particularly items that my mom, my SILs and my MIL get for me. I guess women "get" other woke more easily. 

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Heidi said...

Oh, congratulations!! We have a is OLD. We got it from my parents, who got it from my aunt....but it is still amazing. Can't imagine life without it! I'm glad you have one now too!!