Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brazil in Paris/ Bucket List #25

The "Salon du livre de Paris" ended three five ago and Brazil was the "honored country" with 48 authors represented.

I wish that someday I could go to a prestigious book fair like that, particularly when Brasil or Brazilian authors are being highlighted.

In fact, one of the items in my bucket list* is to go to the Bologna book fair because it's the biggest one in the world for children's literature, particularly for "spreading" children's books around the world through translation. However, I would only like to go if I were there do to serious research or for work.

Hey! I just found out that the Bologna fair starts tomorrow! Sigh... And not only that, but a Brazilian illustrator, Roger Mello, illustrated the cover of their illustrators catalog!

Realistically, I don't think I'll ever go (particularly for work/research), but it doesn't hurt to think about it, right?

I must spend some more time finding out more about those 48 authors that the literary establishment in Brazil deemed worthy of representing the country in Paris. Of course I already know many of them (and have written part of my dissertation on one), but I need to know those that I don't! I already read all the names and even purchased a book by an actress turned author (Fernanda Torres) to check her out.

(I wrote this post last Tuesday and never found a way to finish it, so I'll share it as is now...)

*that I generally don't think much about because most items were checked off back in 2000 when I went to Europe for the first time. YAY! In spite of that, I just created a new label for my "Bucket List" items. I am going to try to randomly list them in the blog!

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