Monday, March 02, 2015

Speed Grading!

On the upside, I graded 32 five-page exams from 10 pm last night to 11 am today!

I did grade a bunch of them while my other students were doing an exam and in between classes, but I got it done! Students had taken the exam a week ago, so I really needed to return them.

Now I have 20 more to grade… plus 50  exam rubrics that I need to complete and return to them. And then… I won't have any grading left to do spring break!

Alright, that's not true, that's for university number two, for the other one I will have a bunch of exams that I'm giving this Thursday, But that's okay!

I have to drive home now to pick up my son and so I'll publish this now so I won't be blogging while driving again!

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