Sunday, June 10, 2012


edited in 10/23/13 to remove links at the request of medical equipment vendor Allegro Medical (I hope I can mention them, this is no link!) I'd linked to them myself, they weren't paid links, but they're having trouble with Google so I removed the links.
I have to wear shields like these for sleeping:
And I secure them to my face with surgical tape (3M's Transpore)...

The tape just won't come off my face, though and I've been pretty sticky in the last few days. Yesterday I tried soap, moisturizer and vaseline, but it didn't work. Today I googled how to remove surgical adhesive and one link told me to use either oil or rubbing alcohol (which would dissolve the tape). I went straight for the isopropyl alcohol, and rubbed and rubbed my face with a cotton pad. It helped some, but I was still mostly sticky.

That's when I went to 3M's website and found out that this particular tape (which is used for keeping tubing in face after surgeries other medical procedures) does NOT dissolve in alcohol!

One thing this Q & A document suggested was using a medical grade adhesive remover or moisturizer (I tried the moisturizer already!) to remove the tape.

I don't want to spend 26+ dollars on an adhesive remover like this one
{this link & the next ones were removed at the request of the online vendor}, but maybe I'll need to! :(

HEY!! There are wipes that don't cost too much -- the problem is that it's a box of 50, if sold individually, they'd be 1.02 each...  I wonder if I can find these wipes in a pharmacy, since I can't really wait several days to get rid of the stickiness in my face. Sigh...

You know... I will email/call my LASIK provider and tell them that if they always use the 3M Transpore (they give us a small roll), they should include a few pouches of the adhesive remover for us patients -- that would make their care even greater. Maybe they'll listen to me and future patients can have an easier, less sticky post-operative week.

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