Wednesday, June 06, 2012

offer letter... still adjunct... 36 vs. 23

(follow up to previous post if you haven't seen it)

The email contained an offer letter.

Still adjunct, obviously no guarantees of continuing employment, one year position, but "lecturer" with benefits.

13K more than what I make -- not even that much, though it would help -- & less students (I currently teach a class of 40 to be able to make double on that class).

not really the best bargaining tool, especially considering that my own dept. is not in a position to offer me anything like that.

still very much working in the margins, but a little better.

classes are every day of the week. 3h commute. edited to add: round trip

If I were to continue working there (which might happen), we'd probably have to move in a few years. But I LOVE our house, where we live, the kids' school. I know I'll love the job, but I don't want to have to move again, I want to stay here! :(

I can't stand all the psychological upheaval that these thoughts bring.

Sigh... and, most importantly, I can't handle all that driving. I need to be here for my sons after school (I would make it most days, but I'd be dead!). Those are some of the main reasons why I almost regretted applying.


Ideally? I wish I could teach three days there (two in the future if possible) and 2 at the current place. It would be crazy, but... I could always go back to current school if they offered me something better.


feMOMhist said...

sigh i feel for you I really do as I have a similar sort of dilemma I've blogged about. That commute would be the deal killer for me, unless they have explicitly agreed that in future courses can be 3 or 2 days a week.

jo(e) said...

3 hour commute? That's difficult.

kate said...

Congratulations on the offer! I agree, a 3-hr commute is a lot. If you are not super-convinced that the job is worth it, well, it might not be worth it. But, only you can decide that. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

3hrs one way or round trip?