Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mindless Entertainment...

I just finished a two-day Downton Abbey marathon... I hope I can watch season 3 a little bit more leisurely! (sigh)

Not bad for mindless entertainment, that's for sure, but that's about it, I guess. I think I liked season one better (I saw it back in January, in another marathon, when everyone was talking about this show non-stop). Cheesy ending for this season and I'm sorry we won't be seeing any of Newport (RI) in the next season, but excited to see Shirley MacLaine joining as Maggie Smith's (the best character, for sure) counterpart.

Some quick comments...
Matthew's mom was just so incredibly annoying and O'Brien wasn't that evil this time around, though Thomas continues down the path of villain-hood, but I suppose O'Brien will make a comeback next season, as will the burned Patrick who will certainly marry Edith and become the rightful heir, leaving Mary & Matt with nothing... or... anything could happen, after all, it's television. ;)

I wish I could go back and read everyone's tweets or facebook comments from back when the episodes aired (I don't even know when it was, we don't have cable)... but if you still remember your impressions, I'd love to hear what you thought of the second season versus the first or any comment about Downton you'd like to share!