Sunday, June 10, 2012


I don't know if it's because I spent too much time in the sun this afternoon (my son had a birthday party at a pond -- I wore sunglasses the whole time) or if the glare from the computer screen is bothering my eyes (I have it dimmed as much as possible and I'm wearing sunglasses right now!), but I had an uncomfortable headache this evening. I'm feeling better and I'm hoping that my eyes will adjust soon and that I won't have trouble using the computer.

Then, of course there's the continuing headache of this position I've been offered. I literally spent the day either actively "working" on it... calling my dept. chair in Europe, calling a friend who has taught a class at the university, writing emails to friends and drafting the all-important email to the other department head... or talking about this headache with my friends and with K. I'm getting sick and tired of this and will be glad once it's all over...

[I'll add links later] I just wanted to make a quick correction to Friday's email (because of Spanish Professor's comment -- thank you so much, BTW, and thanks to everyone else that took the time to comment, or email me): it was my department's secretary (not my chair) who had an enthusiastic reaction. I didn't talk to my chair until this morning and she was, understandably, pretty upset -- but she immediately said that the university cannot offer me a full-time position, as I imagined she would say. I hope I can help her find a suitable replacement. In fact, we spent a lot of time today brainstorming who -- among the people we know -- could come and teach these classes. We even called a couple of people!

OK, I have to try and finish the (new) chair's email and send it. K is reading my draft now... I have a lot of questions for her, I hope I can find the right kind of language to ask them!

I'm exhausted and headache-y, so I have to go, but I'll keep you guys posted.

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