Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Efficient Monday (just for the record)

I'm a couple days late posting this, but you'll soon know why...

I just wanted to record in the blog (for my own benefit, no one else's, as everything else I write here) that I did five loads of laundry on Monday and by the time I went to bed (very late, more on that soon) four of the loads had been folded and put away (while the fifth was drying): two loads of dark clothes, two of light colored ones and one of "hand-washables" (including six of K's dress shirts that needed to soak in oxyclean, my favorite stain remover, before washing).

I felt so efficient! (and, BTW, I prefer to do lots of loads in one day every two weeks or so rather than spreading them out several days a week).

P.S. I really enjoy doing laundry and I've blogged about it on and off. I haven't written more because I think it's probably a boring subject for other people.

Edited to add: since I started, and because I'm just plain crazy, now I'll have a full list of  my main "Laundry posts:"   :)
Fun times! At least for me!

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