Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Second Day was Better

The classes I teach Th-Th are different from Mo-Wed so the second day was actually my second "first" day and it went well.

I still had trouble with the syllabi, but this time, instead of handing out a document with errors, I decided not to hand out the syllabus just yet since most students have been with me since last semester or previous ones  and they know how our class works (this is the fourth semester with me for four of my students).

I was glad to see that both of my classes today have windows too! I miss some students from last semester that didn't return, but we have good groups and three new students who are starting Portuguese in the 2nd semester and who will have some catching up to do.

Now, feMOMhist asked yesterday in a comment whether I'm planning to teach wearing yoga pants Mo/Wed and here's my plan: in the winter it's pretty easy to go straight from yoga to class, all I have to do is to wear tight cotton leggings under my regular work pants and a workout top under my blouse or sweater. I wear long underwear all winter long anyway, I'm always cold, so the leggings will replace those on Mo/Wed. Then all I have to do is to remove the top layer for yoga class and put it all back on quickly to go teach. The class is only 50 minutes long, so I don't get very sweaty, which is good.

When it warms up it'll be a bit trickier. I have a couple of shorter dresses that I wear over leggings and which won't require changing clothes if I wear the workout top underneath, but I will need to change if I want to wear other dresses or other kinds of pants (e.g. capri). I don't really wear skirts & blouses much, so that helps. That's my plan, what do you think?

OK, I have to go update the faulty syllabus now and do a zillion other things. It's hard to work in the afternoon since I have to coax two boys to do homework and practice piano while I try to cook something for dinner, which reminds me I haven't posted about food and cooking for a while, right? I have to post a "to-do" list for the blog as a reminder.

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