Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I'm just coming off the phone after talking to my credit card company regarding two fraudulent charges that I just noticed on our credit card.

Thankfully I had logged in to check our balances both in the bank and the credit card and I noticed the two charges for over 1K, for tickets in an Israeli airline that were done today and I called right away. That's why I'm not even that nervous right now...

This is so scary and annoying! I cannot imagine how those who suffer identity theft feel. The bad part was that I had just purchased a gift for my brother (whose birthday is in two days) with the card, so I'm not cancelling and getting it replaced until that purchase goes through (all the way in NZ). The credit card company will call me to verify each transaction, though, until I replace the card.

Very unsettling, but, hopefully, a problem that can be solved.

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feMOMhist said...

happened to me right before xmas and my parents! Must be the time of year hackers kick it into high gear but I also had the same thought, how do people deal with the full on identity theft because just that one incident peeved me to no end