Thursday, January 12, 2012

Talk About Feeling Sore!

Last week I was really surprised that I wasn't sore after the two hour-long "body-sculpt" fitness classes that I took, but this week was "the fitness-classes' revenge!" ;)

Yoga 2 is probably the one to blame because today's 45 minutes of body sculpt probably only exacerbated the soreness of yesterday's 50 minutes of more advanced yoga. It was my very first Yoga 2 class and I loved it! Most importantly, I think I'm ready for it, but... I think I will feel sore for the first month at least!

I enjoyed learning new poses, such as the dolphin (which I may have done once or twice last summer):

(photo from The Yoga Journal)

the supported shoulder stand (my one year of gymnastics back in 1990 in college helped me with this one!):
(photo from The Yoga Journal as well)

and one I'd never heard off, that flows out of warrior 2 -- the bird-of-paradise (I love this flower, BTW!)

 (photo from that's fit's "Transform Yourself with Yoga" with Mandy Ingber)

This will be a great semester with yoga!!! Bring on the soreness!

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