Monday, January 09, 2012

First day wasn't bad

I didn't post yesterday because my post was going to be too negative, with snippets such as this one:

(post title: Back to teaching)
"sense of being perennially under-prepared (I was going to say unprepared, but I'm generally prepared, but not as much as I wish I were)"

This was the only thing I'd written of the post, BTW.

So... I just decided not to blog and to spend my time preparing a bit more to teach and then I went to bed (at my usual 2 am time, I know, very very bad, right?).

This morning I consciously decided to sleep for one more hour (after getting the boys' lunches ready) and I then I was unable to go to the yoga class that's just before the class I teach.* It was OK, though and I like my 43 students a lot. Four were already my students last semester, so I already have some "groupies" who will see me four days a week! (they also take Portuguese with me) There is a large group of freshmen and I hope they like the class!

A few things went wrong, obviously: (1) I couldn't check out the documentary that I was planning to show the students because the department's resource center was closed, but I had another DVD that I could show (downside -- I hadn't previewed it, but it was ok); (2) I had minor trouble printing and copying the class materials and... (this one happens every.single.semester... [sigh!!]) (3) I had put several dates wrong on the schedule...  :( I blame this last one on my ADHD. :P

Most things were just fine, though. Because I couldn't go to the yoga class I had time to eat and finish the power point presentation which was OK. And things went well in class... looking at the survey results (the PP), going over the syllabus, meeting the students and... I was very happy that this is my very first time teaching in a class with windows in my 1.5 year here!! I was delighted to see the snow falling outside during class.

I have a feeling this is going to be a great semester and I truly hope it is! For my friends who are teaching or going to school, how is the beginning of your semester going?

*I changed my class's time on purpose so I can go to the lunch hour classes, but didn't realize I will have  only exactly 20 minutes to leave the yoga class to come and teach -- lucky for me, it's a 2-3 minute walk.

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feMOMhist said...

are you teaching in yoga pants :) I do the same thing on Fridays in order to get in Pilates, and while I change I don't shower EEEEKKK right?