Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Roller-Coaster Ride's Not Over Yet! ;-)

That elusive interview is up!

So, there's a real possibility that we'll spend a year at #3 and go on to #2.* K's first words when he got the email earlier today were: "And now, as if our lives weren't complicated enough, there's this!" To which I replied, that I don't think it's really complicated, that it will just make sense to me now that we're renting this small place and "waiting on the wings" instead of settling here. This is what we prepared for psychologically for a month before we suddenly had to find a rental and sign a lease -- at which point here became more "real" than the fuzzy there.

The very interesting thing is that we're headed there next week, for the worldwide conference of our church that happens every five years. We'll be helping out my mother-in-law with one of her tour groups from Brazil. (I should have blogged about this, she's just finishing tonight a one week tour of the West Coast that included L.A., San Francisco, Yosemite, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon, with 90 people tagging along, 55 in a chartered bus. They'll be headed for Orlando next week. It was the craziest thing my entrepreneurial MIL ever did and I booked the hotels for all these people and more. Things are going well so far, except for a lady who had to return from Brazil -- she was having problems with her post-mastectomy implant [?!]).

Anyway... I'm so looking forward to this short trip now! Maybe we could try to get together with Anjali and her family! Initially, we were going to stay only Friday-Sunday, but maybe we'll go earlier, or stay on Monday, I don't know.

K's interview, BTW, is going to be during his very first week at the job here. You know, it's because of tricky things like these that I blog semi-anonymously and also try to be very sketchy with our locations. He has already called the chair of the search committee (a friend and collaborator of his) and both the email and their conversation actually mentioned possible starting dates, so this is very real, not "just one more interview."

I'm excited. I was upset about the cat and because of little things such as not being able to hang my huge Monet print above our bed (we'll try not to make big holes in this rental's house because the owner is really nice, but very fastidious), but now I'm looking forward to future possibilities. It's funny what's the thing that I look forward to the most: K's future sabbatical year. We want to take the family to Europe while he researches there!!! Let's see what happens.

And just in case there's no offer, no problem, K already has a job! and we like it here.

P.S. when looking for the ratings post linked to above I realized that I've already written 80 posts labeled "job search." That's a whole lotta searching!

*in practice they're #2 & #1 because Orlando was just a "fun" location, not really a serious possibility.


ArticulateDad said...

Wow! Hold on.

Aliki2006 said...

By #3 do you mean GA? Are you heading there and passing through NC by any chance?

LaToya said...

It's nice to have options, all that are good, huh?