Thursday, November 15, 2007

Plan B is in Place...

... now on to the next steps, and plans C, D, E, F, etc.

K has secured a temporary job offer today for another postdoc at the same university as his previous one (which by now most of you must have figured out). It's not going to be easy for him or for us, particularly because of the long commute and the long hours he'll have to put in to produce results and such, since he'll be there only for around six months, but at least it's something to help ease the transition. Now we have to hope that one of us gets an academic job, or, maybe he gets another industry job (although he's not too keen on that now) so we can know where we're going to be by March or April.

The next urgent thing will be working on this house to prepare it for sale since we cannot possibly keep it unless K has another industry job nearby, which is not very likely. Any other job won't allow us to afford the mortgage payment (unless I also had a good paying job which at this point is very uncertain and unclear). Good thing K will have a month or so to work on the house before he starts (probably in February) since he's supposed to receive his notice in December. Now... how am I going to work on the dissertation with home renovations and K in a "new" job remains to be seen. Maybe we'll have to resort do my parents one last time... unless I become super woman and quit procrastinating and get right to work. um, yeah.

Well, step by step we'll get out of this rut! (and I have to get out of my personal rut -- the dissertation!)


Prisca said...

Considering the circumstances I think Plan B sounds pretty darn good. At least you won't have to spend the year end (and holidays) wondering what's next for him. I'm really impressed with how you have both navigated so many difficult circumstances at once.

How is Linton doing?

Unknown said...

That's great news about the temp job! And good luck with everything else, too, Lilian!

Can you get some childcare for Linton so you have more time with the diss?

ArticulateDad said...

Don't forget, the real rut is the one that you drive into willingly. Pits in the road are just that. Drive over them, as you have been doing. But don't get stuck in thinking you have no choices. The world is yours to take. What do you want of your life the next few months, the next few years? That is the only question of relevance. Not, what others may expect of you, or what you have come to expect of yourself. It's good to have a destination in mind. But sometimes... we turn.