Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just because my mom begged me to. :-)

And now for a little fluff... While I slowly rebuild my blog roll... :-/

I'm actually using "wrinkle cream". Sigh... My mom actually just meant that I should use some good hydrating cream, but I may as well try. It won't hurt is all I say... And I refuse to spend hundreds on stuff I don't really believe in, so I'll  just stick to the inexpensive brands. (My plan is to try different ones).

Favorite Blogs List and Feed is GONE!! :-( WHY?

Well... it looks like blogging really will have to be over soon for me or I will have to move to another platform. If I can't use my blog to get the feed of my friends' blogs, then what's the use of it?

I'm trying to understand what's going on, but just last night I checked the blogs listed on my side-bar and now they are gone. Do I need to add them back up from memory? Searching for each blog? :-(

Maybe it's a temporary problem (this has happened once before and after a day or so the blogroll was back in place, to my relief), but maybe it's not, since there's a message saying that my "HTTPS" settings have been changed in the blog.

Whatever is going on, it's pretty distressing, annoying, and is making me sad. And nobody will read this if their own blogrolls are gone! :-(

I just checked Jo(e)'s blog and her list of a few blogs from her blogroll is still there! Why is mine gone? (says she pouting).

Well... ridiculous 21st century problem, right? It still disrupts my life, though. A small part of it, but it does.

And I didn't even intend to be blogging, just came here to check if there were any new posts from friends to read.

OK, before I go, I'll start making a new blogroll from scratch and see if this one will be gone too!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So Much to Blog About, So Little...

... I don't know... time to sit down at the computer because I've been RIDICULOUSLY productive for the past three days?

Seriously, though, I have. And I will even have some video footage to prove it, although when it's turned into a time-lapse it will become a few seconds of work. Hopefully more on that someday soon.

I have tons of things to "talk" about over here. Mostly with myself, I guess, but I know that one or two people sometimes comment, which is nice!

So, yeah, I will try as much as possible to come back and blog more. Not just desperate politically motivated posts. We need some fluff! And some serious ADHD discussion. (really? maybe).

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hyperventilating Until After Election Day

I couldn't bring myself to watch the debate. I followed from afar, just through a few if my friends on Facebook and the handful of people I follow on Twitter (including Michael Moore whom I love).

I have this constant feeling that I'm hyperventilating when I think of the election. I despair thinking that there is an unbelievable chance that I could be feeling the same way for four years -- please don't let that happen, you folks who can vote!!! I've never felt so powerless in my life not being able to vote yet!

I feel so discouraged! I wish i could have the guts to tell the people in my church and school community that I wish they would just abstain from voting, because in this election, I'm feeling personally attacked. If these people vote for him, they are voting against me -- an immigrant and a woman. :-(

In the past, Republican candidates were, for the most part, "normal," respectable, reasonable men. That is not the case now. Drumpf is neither of those things, quite the contrary. If he were only an ill-prepared 6 time bankrupt businessman who does not have any concrete plans would be bad, but he is a bigot, a racist, a mysogynist, a narcissist, a joke*! :-(

How could this be happening? I ask myself over and over! It's not funny, it hasn't been funny for a while now.  I'm DREADING the start of SNL. Making fun of this election is SACRILEGIIOUS! I think that after watching that Samantha Bee denouncement of NBC I cannot watch this channel anymore (the only one I've turned in sporadically for SNL or the Olympics) with a clear conscience.

I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up on Nov. 9 to good news. 

Please, if you're a conservative, would you consider abstaining from voting?

* He makes Sarah Paling seem almost endearing. 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

My 2016 Sountrack: Coldplay's _Ghosts Stories_

The year hasn't ended yet, but I want to record this here...

Before the holidays last year I somehow "discovered" Coldplay's sad, nostalgic, "break-up" album, Ghost Stories and I became obsessed with it (I don't know how I didn't come across it earlier -- I'm just not that much into pop music, but Colplay -- which I know some people hate -- I love!).

I really wanted to have been able to buy Target's deluxe edition album that came with three bonus tracks, but it was no longer available. (Yes, I still buy CDs on occasion, that is about to change because we've decided to get a family subscription to Google Play & I cannot believe I'm having to surrender to digital/streaming music!) :-(

So, these are my absolute favorites, although it's hard to choose:
1. "O" or "Fly On"

2. "Oceans"

3. "Always in My Head"

4. "True Love"

5. "A Star Full of Skies" (SERIOUSLY, that's what I said one day in the car to my sons, and then I followed it with "A Dream Full of Heads." They laughed and laughed at their crazy silly mama!), ooops, "Sky Full of Stars"

I'm not super crazy for Magic, Midnight & Another's Arms, but I like them OK enough to have wanted to buy the whole album. Thankfully, I've been able to listen to it offline thanks to Amazon Prime, but my son assures us that Google has way more music. I guess I need to trust what he's saying!


Writer's block?

Frustration with little things in life? (Yes: weeds in garden, poor plants never planted and almost dying. Soon it will be too late for them).

Busy? Yes... but the good "new normal" busy that I really want to write more about soon.

I haven't given up blogging, nope. I'm just a die-hard fan of the genre that "changed my life" -- too bad it's not what younger people like.

OK, I hope to do a real update soon, but for now this "throwaway post" will have to do.


Monday, September 12, 2016


that very predictable day in which I debate the possibility of reaching a "cute matchy" number of posts this year: 216.

I've made it in the past two years, but this is the year I've written the least posts so far. By this time last year, I had only about 83 posts to go (I'd written 132 posts by the end of August, this year only 75).

Nah, I don't think I will try to accomplish this useless feat this year...

And I was reading about this new platform, Medium, where posts look gorgeous, but I'm sure I could never move this behemoth blog over there, so I'll just stay here for now.

P.S. I'm pretty positive I've lost all the gorgeous photos I took on May 31st in New York City. Unless I copied them to my mom's computer. My only hope. I don't even recall having looked at those photos. Maybe at my parents' house? Maybe? My sadness is great, but so is my numbness and indifference in a way... what does it matter? Who even cares? I know my son will be upset... but he's partly to blame because he's ALWAYS, CONSTANTLY at the computer, preventing me from downloading the photos from the cards.

I still cannot believe that may have happened.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Conflicted feelings about this 15th anniversary

Five  years ago I wrote a nice post about 9/11, but I feel so conflicted now. It's a particularly bad moment in the history of this country. One that I hope to look back to in months and years ahead and be glad that it's over. Because if that man becomes president, wow... I don't know... it's just unimaginable, but so very possible.

(and the worst possible moment to be filling a citizenship application. I know, it's a ridiculous way to tell you about it as well, but whatever, now you know)

Things that make me upset: The reports about all the 9/11 responders are dying of cancer and suffering from other ailments. How plausible the arguments made by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth are (Am I going to be surveilled by the government from now on for writing this?). How the consequences of the Iraq war are still haunting the world to this day.

Too many things. I was going to share some photos of the Ground Zero memorial, but I can't find them in my external hard drive and now I'm stressed (thinking I may have lost some amazing photos of that day back in May. Sigh...).

Yeah, it's a crazy world and I have no words or energy to go into it right now.

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Not very productive day

Most boring post title ever? Yeah, probably. Nothing like a day after the other, right? :-P

It's almost 6 pm and I haven't cooked the huge batch of tomato sauce that I planned to (although I still want to do it) and I tried to do the last of the few things my husband asked me to do (to pay the water bill in the city offices) and... well... I got there half an hour late! :-(

And... I haven't yet sent the emails that I needed to send my students. BOOOOO! I hope to do that in the next few minutes and then... I'll go tackle that box of tomatoes. Peeling, seeding, sauteing with onions & garlic.

I did wash a couple of loads of laundry (which, in fact, makes me more contrary than happy, more on that when I blog about school uniforms!) and... took a bunch of donations to a community service place.

And read a bit.

Sigh. Not too happy today. Super productive days set a bar too high to keep up with! ;-P

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Super Productive Day?

Let's see what was accomplished. Maybe a list would be best, but here is the day's chronology:

- put load of laundry to wash;
- drove hubby to work (20 minutes away, to the South);
- went to Costco and bought only what was on my list (good accomplishment!): a pineapple, cat food, and toilet paper;
- returned plastic drawers that didn't fit inside bathroom cabinets I'm trying to organize;
- purchased metal shelving that maybe will fit and cubes for cube storage shelves we already have in the living room and family room;
- went to farmer's market (I'm buying tomatoes like crazy to make sauce and freeze)

- drove back home and hung laundry, put another load to wash;
- picked up oldest child early from school and began arranging the cube storage (metal shelves didn't fit cabinets :( so I put them back in the trunk to return);
- picked up youngest son and took both boys to the dentist (20 mins. North).
- took oldest to store while youngest had teeth cleaned to buy deodorant and acne stuff;
- drove back home, first dropping oldest at school for him to work;
- stopped by the "Main street" hairdresser who was free and had time to quickly cut youngest son's hair;
- at home, hung second load of laundry (it was pretty late, after 4 pm, but the day was hot and windy, so it was ok) -- first load was completely dry;
- picked up oldest and, after a few minutes at home, drove him to another hair salon for his scheduled haircut appointment.
- picked the now dry clothes and drove with youngest son to town (20 mins. South);
- son's glasses were adjusted at the store & I bought a t-shirt and fragrance spray for oldest at popular store with teens (NEVER thought I'd give in and shop there, name begins with H); bought pretzel sticks as reward for patient kid.
- picked up  husband and drove back to the elementary school where son had forgotten homework and nice teacher met us and opened the door.
- finally back home! Only leftovers for everyone, not real dinner today.

I needed to have written emails to students and done other kinds of work, but I guess that in the parenting and house fronts the day was productive! I'll try to add some photos. :)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Lost notes recovered

Last week, on the first day I went to University #2 (where I now exclusively work, we'll keep University #1 for my husband's place of work, my former "adjuncting to no end" grounds) I finally deleted U#1's email account (ou outlook) from my phone so I could add U#2's email.

I felt triumphant, and symbolically, it was my last act, it was when I finally cut the cords with that institution.

Except that the next morning I discovered that the bulk of my iPhone Notes were GONE!! Hundreds of some really important notes: favorite recipes, stats from my sons' well-child visits from the past three years, passwords to my kids' iPads, notes from my ADHD therapy. It was all gone.

Well, not really! It was all stored in my outlook email account with U#1 and I found them all safe and sound a few days later. There was one problem: how to recover them? I knew that if I deleted the email account for U#2 and re-established U#1 I'd get them back, HOWEVER:

1) I don't need U#1's email anymore, I only need U#2's! (the iPhone doesn't allow two Outlook/Exchange accounts on the same phone).

2) How would I transfer the notes to another account, like "iCloud" once I got them back? I couldn't find an answer to that online.


I spent a few hours COPYING each date and note by hand to several emails to myself on gmail and, this morning, for good measure, I also saved them by year (2014, 15, 16) into Word documents. I intend to copy and paste several of them back into Notes, since I need them, I just know that this will be time consuming.

I had lots of fun copying the VERY RANDOM notes I had and was even able to find a few songs I'd heard on NPR and frantically recorded the program and the time on my Notes (if it's on Morning Edition or All Things Considered it's VERY easy to find the songs they play a few seconds of).

Yeah, one of those things that only a completely OBSESSED person like me would do, no? Yeah, I'm crazy, I know. But I like myself this way. ;-P

P.S. hyperfocus helps A LOT with these random useless tasks!