Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Anxious Update

I'm anxious because we're traveling today for the only "true" (i.e. non-local) academic conference I'll attend all year and I OBVIOUSLY haven't written my paper and I need to pack and we have a firm time to leave the house all ready and packed since my son has an appointment with the optometrist this afternoon. Sigh...

I know we'll manage, but I wish I had a written paper so I could enjoy at least a day in peace at the conference (instead of half a day on Friday). It's always like that -- I ALWAYS leave things for the last minute.

That's why last night, because of a last-minute cancellation, I had my first visit with the doctor so I can be "labeled"* (I mentioned here that I finally had made an appointment, but it was not until next week). I brought home the necessary questionnaires and I'll undergo the testing next week, so... by next Friday when I have my next appointment I should know officially if I've been diagnosed with ADHD or not.

Yeah... After (or maybe during?) this conference I hope to have the head space to blog some more. Another reason for my sparse blogging is that my sons are now official Minecraft addicts (sigh...). They had previously been playing the limited "pocket edition" on their iPads, but now Kelvin bought Minecraft and installed it in my laptop. We'll soon buy it for our youngest son too, but we URGENTLY need a new computer (in fact two, but we can afford none!) so they can play and we haven't been able to decide on one (or decide to spend the money). So, the boys have been using my laptop as often as they can.

OK, I have to go make sure I have all materials to finish writing my paper and to prepare the power point and then to pack. I hate packing for trips because I always feel anxious that I'm going to forget something! :-(  And then there's the chronic procrastinator's problem: before trips there are always things that need to be taken care of around the house that I didn't do earlier. At least I planted my flowers last night (one of the most important pending things)... Sorry for the boring update!

P.S. I've been reading old journals lately, from the angsty years when I was 17-18. YIKES, it's not fun to read those at all! Ghosts from the past creep up on me and bad feelings from negative interactions with my mom too. I shouldn't be torturing myself with this, but I can't help it! Good thing I know that all turned out OK in the end! ;-)

* Ha! I didn't even remember that getting labeled was one of the few resolutions I made last year. Sigh... better late than never is what I always say!

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