Sunday, June 08, 2014

On "Being a Blogger"

Has this "very old" in today's term (about 15 years old?) medium basically died? I mean, it's frustrating to me, to say the least, that it is apparently so. My preferred means of expression, blogging, rendered basically useless... it's downright depressing (and since I never get around to writing "the post" about it, I'll just keep these short rants going).

Maybe I need to print one of those pretty, if expensive, books that will have all of the thousands of pages of this blog in it for a keepsake before Google pulls the plug on Blogger. Because I have come to believe that Google, like all other internet companies out there, is evil* too. Sigh... Amazon is trying to bully printing presses into submission, Google holds 10 years of my life (in email and blogging) that it could destroy in a few seconds... Gah. I can back up the blog, but how can I back up emails?

(and speaking about "evil" companies, don't get me started on facebook! And yet I'm there because I miss hundreds of people who were part of my life in the past and of with whom I can keep in touch that way... it's not easy to be an expatriate and miss one's country and family and friends, I tell you!)

The key is not to place so much value in these things (because, truly, they aren't the most important in life) and to keep on living. I suppose that's why I haven't been blogging as much, because I am enjoying my life outside of the computer and I hope I can detach a bit from this place that I cherish and think about every day -- because I do, for better of for worse, cherish it. Being a "blogger" -- even though most people I know in "real life" don't know I blog -- is a key part of my identity as a person at this point. Sigh...

Sometimes I wish it weren't so, I wish I could just shut down this place and stop thinking about taking photos "for the blog" that I end up never posting... Or writing posts in my head. There's this never-ending conflict in my soul that prevents me from "wasting time" writing on the blog or spending hours editing photos for the blog (because I would post more photos if I could only bring myself to decide which ones to use and that the time spent was worthwhile).

I cannot bring myself to do that, though (quit blogging). Maybe someday I will, but not yet, not now.

This was supposed to be a post about the month of May, but I changed the title, kept to one subject and here you go! At least I'm still trying to be a semi-decent writer! And in order to overcome "blogger's block" (in lieu of "writer's block") I always need to do some old-fashioned ranting and let out my never-ending angst! ;-) Oh well, I do what I've gotta do, OK? 

* And I use the word evil here in the "dystopian fiction" evil kind of way in which we end up depending on these technology sources that can, in the end, be used against us or used to destroy us. I actually spent the week reading dystopian books, but that's the subject for another post!!


jo(e) said...

I wonder many of the same things about blogging. Will it soon disappear altogether? Will I be the last blogger still blogging?

I'm someone who hates change so it's sad for me to see the ways in which blogging seems to be slowly disappearing.

JaneB said...

I want to be one of the last bloggers standing too. I love this community and this way of communicating, and nothing else has the same properties, though I've tried a lot of options.