Sunday, June 22, 2014

On the Road Again!

Now it's K's turn to have a conference and this time were headed to our old stomping grounds in Philadelphia. 

It was good to be home for 36 hours and for a brief period I felt like I wanted to stay home longer, but the feeling doesn't last long -- I was literally born and raised to travel and my sons have too! 

I feel slightly bad for our cats who are mostly confined to the garage when we travel (when we're home I let them out daily), but I know they'll be ok.

We had to leave by a certain time again (to go to a baby shower), but we're half an hour late. I just hope we get to Phily in time for K to register and go to the reception!

I'm excited we'll get to stay with and visit old friends and that I get to go to IKEA!!! ;-) and Aldi! And Christmas Tree shop! ;-) too bad I can't spend any $ (no summer salary -- maybe for K).

I'll try to blog more often this week!

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