Thursday, May 01, 2014

What I Did in April (with photos!)

to mitigate this month's lack of posting ;-)  together with the three posts I wrote on April 30 (scroll down to see them ;-)
(oh yeah, I went to bed early and couldn't post this one before the month ended!)

- I read a book! For pleasure! That felt so deliciously decadent. :-) A book I had purchased back in 1997 (year of publication) and about which I still want to blog (it's a biography of Jane Austen!).

- I watched my kids perform at their piano recital and do wonderfully well after having practiced many hours in the previous month! (and then we headed to my husband's departmental picnic)

- I helped in a Wedding Shower (and blogged about it);

- I was delighted to finally be able to go to the Farmer's Market again (it started its mid-week season in addition to Saturdays, when I don't go) even though they didn't have a whole lot for sale. Now I can eat delicious & authentic (veggie) Salvadorian pupusas every week! YAY!
I even bought some frozen pupusas this week and prepared them for dinner (I was having a very rare lunch date with my husband).  YUM!

- Hit my head really had with the car door while carrying 5 bags in a hurry (painful! forehead scarred for life!):

- I enjoyed flowers in public spaces:

and at home (hopefully I'll blog those photos later from my Nikon, not the iphone).

- We started an alternative "home church."

- and I missed my eldest son (blogging some other time about that too).

And of course I worked and did chores and took care of the kids, etc, etc...


Jamie said...

Oh, your poor head! Interested in your home church...

Heidi said...

The flowers are so beautiful!! (Sure sorry about your head, though!)