Sunday, May 04, 2014

May the Fo[u]rth be with you? ;-)

Hahahaha, I had no idea that today was Star Wars day, or something...

Cool, I became an extremely late "adopter" when I finally watched the six DVDs (in the order of release) back in 2008 when we went on a trip to Florida to our friends' house (our friend Wally is a big fan, his wife is not. ;-)

I don't really have time to watch movies (and maybe never will), but I want to own the Bluray discs someday. Or maybe I can just get them at the local library, like most old movies. :-) I wonder if libraries are ever going to carry bluray* discs, though.

*spell check doesn't like "bluray"-- it wants to make it into blurry!

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