Thursday, May 22, 2014

Out & In (Warning: TMI!)

I know this is probably be TMI,* but "that's what blogging is for," isn't it? Not always, but some of the time, at least, especially for "personal bloggers" like me. We kind of enjoy sharing a limited amount of TMI about ourselves. ;-)
* (too much information, in case you need help with the acronym, I used to be pretty bad at these texting and internet-age acronyms, such as IMHO or the ubiquitous LOL or ROFL, or even the business-like ASAP, but I think I'm slowly catching on!)

This past Monday I went to the doctor and this came out (my second one which was due to come out in July, since my son is turning 10 next week), because of that (results came in last month, it was effective).

After basically not having periods since mid-2001 when I got pregnant with my oldest son (I literally got pregnant again after my first period came back in 2003 after a year and a half of constant breast-feeding, and I didn't have them with the Mirena), I know I'll have them again soon after 13 years!

So I'm planning for this to go in. I'm really, really curious about it. Does anyone out there use the Diva cup? My doctor said that they have an excellent website, so I have to check it out! I first heard about it in a blog years ago, in the now gone Thin Pink Line, by Manuela. I'm looking forward to not ever using "feminine hygiene" products again!

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Heidi said...

My sister-in-law uses one in the mission field to reduce trash, and says it works well. It's on my list of things to try! Seems like eventually it would be very cost effective.